Part 10: Adding your Borders!

by Kim on February 13, 2009

It’s time for the next steps in our “Make-It-Up-As-You-Go-Along-Quilt!” Are you ready for part 10? This is the final step to making the quilt top! Woohooo!! Can you believe it?  Oh, it has been fun watching your progress on your quilts. Thanks for being a part of this!  If you’re just jumping in, you can find ALL of the earlier steps on our former blog. Hurry and catch up — we’d love you to join!

So PART 10 is very easy and finishes off the quilt top nicely.  I’m going to use 2 borders — the first comes from one fabric choice. The 2nd border comes from multiple fabrics. It’s up to you and whatever you choose to do here will look great, I’m sure!

Step 1:  Measure down the center of your quilt.  Mine ended up being 23.5″ length.

Step 2: Cut 2 strips of fabric: 2″ x 23.5″ (or the length of your quilt top.)  This border width of 2″ was a personal preference, but you can make yours any width you’d like.  After sewing, it will be a 1.5″ border which takes into account the 1/4″ seams.

Step 3: Fold one strip in half and mark with a pin. Repeat for 2nd strip.

Step 4: Match your strip’s mid-point pin to the mid-point on one side of your quilt top. Pin right sides together. Then pin each end of your strip and continue pinning the strip. (Can you tell that I think you can never use enough pins! They are your friend! ;) )

Step 5:  With a 1/4″ seam allowance, sew each strip to the 2 sides of the quilt top.

Step 6: Press seams towards the outside of the quilt.

Step 7:  Now measure across the center width of your quilt top. Mine measured 26.5″.

Step 8:  Cut 2 strips of fabric: 2″ x 26.5″ (or the width of your quilt top.) 

Step 9:  Repeat steps 3-6 to sew the next 2 borders to the top and bottom of the quilt.  Press.

Step 10: Repeat steps 1-9 for the 2nd border.  Instead of cutting 2″ widths like I did on the first border, I cut them 3.5″ inch widths. You can choose any width you’d like.  You can do this out of one fabric or you can use scrap fabric like I did to create a pieced border. I simply sewed various lengths of fabric together to create one long strip and then cut them in the lengths I needed for the borders.

You’re done with your quilt top! I could not wait to see what it will soon look like on my bench. So here’s a couple of photos! (I had to laugh when I noticed the VACUUM MACHINE standing there right next to my bench…hmmm…must be a sign that I *should* be cleaning instead of sewing….Nah….) :)





1 Mama Lusco 02.13.09 at 6:08 pm

Wow, Kim…your quilt turned out beautiful! The bench is no longer lonely :) Thanks again for the great tutorial. I’ve enjoyed making my first quilt thanks to your easy directions.

2 Jaya 02.14.09 at 3:38 am

wow! thats so pretty! looks great on the bench..i cant wait to finish my quilt top, just to see it draped over something :)

3 Jen 02.14.09 at 12:23 pm

Added the borders and blogged it, this step went quickly! Kim, I love how yours turned out!

4 Debbie Samuelson 02.14.09 at 2:16 pm

Kim – Looks fantastic! I just finished up Step 10, and now what? I hope I don’t have this quilt top sitting around and not know what to do with it! LOL, I don’t blog, I don’t know how you Mom’s find time to get everything done, but I’ve put a picture up in my photobucket album – You should be able to see it here –

Thanks again!

5 Kei 02.15.09 at 2:50 pm

I’ve sewn the pinwheels together and added one layer of border. Not sure whether to do a second row of border or not.

6 Kim 02.15.09 at 8:34 pm

Thanks everyone!

Debbie — we’ll definitely be finishing this to the end — so no half-done projects sitting around. (I have plenty of those already! LOL!) The next step will be quilting and then binding. YEA!

Kim :)

7 Lisa 02.16.09 at 9:19 am

That looks Great! I can’t wait to get started on my borders. Thank you :-)

8 Courtney @ Sister To Sister 02.17.09 at 7:09 am

That looks so good!

I am still trying to catch up! :) I was caught up and then I decided I would like a queen size! :) But, we worked on it alot last night!

Can’t wait to see the next step!

9 Kathy 02.19.09 at 8:01 am

Your quilt looks to be just the right size for your bench. Really cute. I didn’t realize that a couple of borders were coming so I finished my off with a small border. I think I will put some matching ties at the top and hang it in my entry hall. My pictures are in my Corel program, but I’m not sure how to email them to you. Thanks for good directions. Kathy

10 Shelly 02.19.09 at 5:17 pm

I’d been so good at keeping up with you. Now I’ve fallen behind–I don’t even have my corners done yet. Yours looks great! I’m glad that you’re going to take us through the quilting as well. Otherwise I’d have this half finished piece sitting here forever!

11 lisa Heizenrader 02.24.09 at 2:24 pm

I am done with this step I think I am all caught up

12 Mama Lusco 02.25.09 at 10:02 am

All caught up! The Ugly Quilt is not so ugly after borders :)

13 Carolyn 02.26.09 at 4:14 am

Kim, I just found this blog and I’m thrilled as making a quilt is my next project. I have copied all the steps but have I missed how to finish the quilt such as quilting it? If it’s not posted yet how will I know where to find it when it does. Sorry to sound so dumb but I’m very new at this. Thanks Carolyn

14 Sara 02.27.09 at 7:40 am

Kim, wrote a comment on the “old” blog about this, but wasn’t sure if you are still checking comments over there….I’m stuck on the squaring up part of the quilt top–how do I line it up now that it is so big? I did the squares without any problems, but I’m afraid to cut before double checking.

15 Kim 02.27.09 at 9:12 am

Hi Sara — Good question! I hope I can help. Have you added the borders on yet? Adding those borders by taking measurements across the middle will, in a sense, square it up for you. Send me a photo of where you are at and I’ll see if I can be of further help.


16 Sara 02.27.09 at 8:44 pm

Kim-I haven’t added my borders yet. At the end of step 9 it said to square up again. That’s where I’m stuck. It looks a little wonky right now!

17 Jen 03.01.09 at 9:52 am

Will we be quilting this, or just adding batting and a backing?

18 Kim @ YouCanMakeThis 03.04.09 at 2:53 pm

Hi Sara & Jen,

Sara – I’m going to check your blog to see if you have a photo – that will better help me to help you.

Jen – Yes, I’ll be showing you one method for quilting this and list a variety of other methods people use. That is now posted here:

19 Joyce 03.09.09 at 9:29 am

Help! I can’t get back to the the other blog with the other steps. I’m only on step 4.
Can the file be moved here please?

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