A Real Halloween Treat for our SWAK Customers!

by Kris on October 6, 2009

No tricks here…we have a real treat for you just in time for Halloween! Exclusively to SWAK customers, we have a free in-the-hoop project for you! Make these Halloween beanbags and you’re ready for that next children’s Halloween party!


My little girl loved these soft little beanbags so much, that we began to play catch together. I forgot how fun it was to play with this classic little homemade toy again! So I began brainstorming some other ways you and your children can enjoy your new beanbags. And for those of you who don’t embroider, go ahead and make some beanbags with your sewing machine! Download the free PDF from SWAKembroidery.com to find some fun Halloween ideas to do at your next party using these little pumpkins!

Here’s one of the 10 easy ways I share in the free PDF:

Trick or Treat Pumpkin Toss

Set up small bowls or treat bags filled with candy and/or small prizes. Scatter the bowls to different places. Have the children line up behind a designated area and take turns tossing the pumpkins into the yummy targets. If a pumpkin lands in the target, they win the prizes inside!

Happy October everyone!


1 Dorothy 10.07.09 at 3:13 am

Those are so cute. My daughter loves to throw balls, so this will be a perfect inside toy for her. I am going to download it right now!!!!!

2 Courtney @ Sister To Sister 10.07.09 at 1:41 pm

AWESOME Kris, Thank you!!! Can’t wait to make them and play with the girls!

3 Shelli 10.08.09 at 10:01 am

Kris, what a fun activity to do at those Halloween school parties we always get roped into helping out with! Those are darling bean bags! (Much cuter than the square ones I had growing up made out of double knit! lol) Thanks for the fun!

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