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by admin on July 7, 2014


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1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Barbara Edmondson – I love sewing. I’ve been sewing since I was 10 years old. (That was about 45 some years ago.) I’ve taught sewing for 5 years and my business did very well. I’ve taught many different types of people, and see how they think and learn. I want them to learn a little at a time without feeling overwhelmed and I want them to get the satisfaction of completing a project in 1-2 classes. I hear and see how they need instructions written. So, I started creating simple patterns for first time sewers that are very easy to follow, mainly because I couldn’t find any I was happy with to teach beginners from, and have seen that my students like my patterns. I teach my students from these patterns. Some students take them home and follow by themselves. I’ve had good success and students really like the simple instructions.

2. What are your favorite projects to design?
I like designing useful things that don’t require fitting, things beginners can make and feel a sense of accomplishment. I like to simplify instructions for beginners.

3. What is your favorite thing you have made for yourself? For someone else?
My favorite thing I made is a princess dress for my grand daughter for her 2 year old birthday. It was yellow satin and organza, fully lined and seams tucked in inside so they didn’t hurt her. She loved it!

4. What is your favorite season/holiday to decorate for?
Hhmmmm, undecided! — Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Independence Day.

5. What DIY tips or tricks would you like to share with customers?
It’s easier to sew flat areas first, before seams that bring it to shape. That’s why I love my Just Right Tote – it’s all sewn flat until the end! Also, beware of nice photos of patterns enticing you because the instructions may be difficult to follow.

6. Any other interests or hobbies?
I also enjoy crocheting, knighting, hand embroidery, and photography.

7. Do you have a favorite quote?
I agree with Ralph Waldo Emerson: “The reward of a thing well done is to have done it.”

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Click here to Get Sewing! with Barbara Edmondson