Warm up with Your Own Hot Chocolate Bar

by YCMT on December 26, 2013

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Mmm…hot chocolate: the perfect (drinkable!) holiday treat. Whether you’re entertaining guests or simply looking to warm up from the chill of winter, read on to create a charmingly cozy and scrumptious hot cocoa bar of your very own!

hot chocolate

What you’ll need:

1. Hot chocolate, of course. There are hundreds of varieties out there you can purchase, from plain chocolate to fancy flavor mixtures. Or, why not try brewing your own? There are recipes all over; here’s one great example.

2. Mugs and spoons for your guests. If you’re microwaving the hot chocolate, be sure you have microwave-safe mugs. Or, if you’re pre-making the drinks, you might choose to use a large beverage dispenser.

3. Various candies and other sweet fixings. This is where each person gets to individualize their drink. Be creative about the fixins. You might include miniature marshmallows, crushed peppermints, chocolate chips, and pirouette cookies (which make excellent, edible stirring sticks!). Other ideas include chocolate shavings, cinnamon or flavored syrups.

4. Several glass jars for storing and displaying the sweet fixings. If you’re having your guests mix their own hot cocoa, store and label the flavors in separate jars, and provide a dishing scoop or spoon for each. With this handy storage, you can keep any uneaten ingredients for next time.

5. Whipped cream, canned or homemade for piling on top! This is one of the most delicious ingredients. If you’re worried about any extra pounds you might have put on over the holidays, you can always use low-fat whipped cream.

6. A cute chalkboard sign. Use a small chalkboard if you have one, or apply chalkboard spray paint to a poster board to make your display, and then title it whatever you want (such as “Nellie’s Hot Chocolate Bar”). You can even write a menu beneath to show the kinds of cocoa and other treats you’ll be serving.

7. Festive decorations. Grab some holiday ornaments, garland and ribbon – or any trimmings of your choice – to make your display festive and fun.

8. Table or countertop. Lay out all the components of your display using your creative touch, and you’ve got yourself one fancy hot cocoa bar that your guests will rave about through the ages (or at least through the evening)!

Did you create your own hot chocolate bar? Let us know how it went, or share your ideas in the comment section below.


Image credit: Macinate