9 Creative Holiday Gift-Wrapping Ideas

by YCMT on December 13, 2013

You’ve decked the halls, and now you want to deck out your gift wrap. Sure, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but that doesn’t mean the presentation can’t be pretty, too! Here are 10 crafty-chic DIY embellishments you can make to add fa-la-la-la-oomph to your Christmas packaging!

1. “Tiffany-Style” Bow

Using a satin ribbon and these simple instructions, the Christmas bow has never looked so elegant so easily!

2. Tissue Paper Flower Wrap

These flowers are delicate, simply stunning, and simple to make. The craft works best over cylindrical containers. Try red and white tissue paper to make poinsettias!

3. Plain Paper with Fresh Greens

Take simple brown paper packaging or even white printer paper and doll it up with a sprig of pine, holly berries, or DIY mini pine wreath bound under twine.

4. Paper Garland

Your Christmas tree needn’t be the only thing that wears trimmings! Paper cut-outs strung together as garland make for beautiful ribbon. Here’s a super easy how-to.

5. Map Wrap

GPS technology gives you permission to upcycle your old travel maps into beautiful wrapping paper! Once you’ve wrapped the interstate into a neat little package, tie it up with a bold-colored ribbon or string.

6. Washi Tape

This decorative Japanese tape goes far beyond adhering your gift wrap; it adorns it! Washi tape is printed in hundreds of patterns and can be applied and woven into whatever design you can conjure. Find ideas here and buy Washi tape here.

7. Sweater or Fabric Wrap

Wrap your gift in your favorite festive fabric, just as you would with paper wrapping. Cozier yet, package your present in an old sweater! Here’s the tutorial.

8. Yarn Pom Pom Bow

Got yarn and you’re not up for knitting? Make pom poms! This version, simple to construct, makes them look full and classy. Tie your pom poms around your presents with extra yarn.

9. Cupcake Liner Topper

After you’ve baked all your holiday cupcakes, pop some color and dimension into your gift wrap with these unexpected “bows.” Use regular paper liners or, if you’re feeling shiny, foil liners might add just the touch of metallic glam you’re after.

Don’t be surprised if, after you try these out, what’s under your tree outshines your ornaments! And if this gets your holiday creative juices flowing, why not stop by and check out out holiday-themed sewing patterns?

Image credits: Maegan TintariSunshinetaliaMeaghan O’Malley