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by admin on November 26, 2013


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1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I’ve been designing my own crochet patterns after finding out it wasn’t against some unspoken law to change up things in patterns. It was liberating! I look at everything differently now, especially non-crochet items. There is an entire world out there just waiting to be translated into crochet!

2. What are your favorite projects to design?
It changes. Right now I’m into translating different animals into scarves and tote bags.

3. What is your favorite thing you have made for yourself? For someone else?
For myself it has to be an afghan I made. It was one of my first attempts at design. That thing has been washed about 50 times and still looks great. For someone else; it has to be the dolls I made for my great aunt. She basically raised my mother and they were really poor back in the day. She loves dolls. I try to make the next one better than the last one I gave her. She always looks at them like some great piece of art; art made just for her. It really makes me feel good–even special– to see how something I created caused such joy.

4. What is your favorite season/holiday to decorate for?
That would be Halloween. I just love all the creepy, ghouly stuff.

5. What DIY tips or tricks would you like to share with customers?
Gauge, it is the most important detail in any pattern. If you don’t get the gauge right you could end up with a sweater that fits your Yorkie instead of your sister.

6. Any other interests or hobbies?
I love to sew, draw and write.

7. Do you have a favorite quote?
Can’t remember who it is by or the exact wording but it is one I love by: “The only way to fail is to not try!”

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