10 Little Lunchbox Surprises for Your Kiddo

by YCMT on November 21, 2013


Spending all day at school can be tough. Want to add some cheer to your child’s day? A little lunchbox surprise just might do the trick. Sneak in serving after serving of fun with these 10 adorable ideas that your kid will love!

1. Love note

Go ahead, be a sap! Write the traditional love note-on-a-napkin to your kid, or pen a few words of encouragement in Sharpie on her sandwich baggie. Cuter yet, jot your affections upon a favorite photo print from a recent family vacation, on a picture of her favorite animated character, or a creatively folded paper.

2. Mystery game

Make a mystery game of your child’s lunch hour by dropping a clue into his lunch sack that leads to another clue the next day. Reveal the answer to the puzzle at the end of the week. For added fun, offer him a prize if he can solve the riddle before Friday.

3. Funny joke or food prank

Slip a written joke into her lunchbox and deliver the punchline when she gets home, or pull a food prank like a gummy worm coming out of her apple or put googly eyes on all of her food containers.

4. Super treat 

Sweeten your young one’s day with a thoughtful treat such as a handmade candy-gram or heart-shaped brownies.


5. Lunchtime survey

Insert a fun questionnaire about his day to fill out and return, and then have fun reading his responses! Get inspired with these printables.

6. Fun table-top accessory

Complement her lunch with cool accessories like disposable cutlery adorned with custom phrases, eco-friendly paper straws, finger sporks, fancy toothpicks, or origami napkins.

7. Lunch poem or haiku

Hearken back to your days in English class by composing a few words of poetry, like an acrostic poem using your child’s name, or haiku dedicated to her. Make your rhyme heartfelt or silly.

8. Paper fortune cookies

Create a custom fortune for your kid with this darling, simple DIY.

fortune cookie

9. Invitation to an upcoming family event

Let your child know he is cordially invited to the next family party, outing or vacation by including a formal invitation with his meal. Step up the fun by signing the invitation from his favorite celebrity, athlete or fictional character.

10. Fancy food

For an extra dash of class in the cafeteria, try dressing up your kid’s lunch bento box-style, print a whimsical image on a plain brown paper lunch sack, or really make him smile by wrapping up his sandwich like a holiday gift, complete with a bow!

Tickle your kid pink with these crafts and patterns, and then share your own lunchbox surprise ideas with us below! And for even more fun ideas, visit our Crafts & Hobbies page.