Cherie Killilea of Studio Cherie

by admin on November 12, 2013

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1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am Seattle native, and I miss the salt air. Living in Spokane, I enjoy the river and woods and wildlife here with my husband and 3 kids. I am into Bikram yoga. It’s great to have a place to go and get hot and sweaty, especially in the long Spokane winters.

2. What are your favorite projects to design?
What I love about being a designer is filling a need. So whether it is the need to cover a piece of furniture or the need to have a chic travel bag, it’s all about looking great while you get the job done. Every project is my favorite as I am doing it because it is filling a current need, and there is great satisfaction in that.

3. What is your favorite thing you have made for yourself? For someone else?
My current favorite is the slip covers I made for our storage ottomen. They were so ugly, but we needed them, so it is nice to have them looking awesome. My favorite thing I ever made for someone else was a slip cover I made for a friend, covering her favorite reading chaise lounge in a gorgeous linen blend that she found at a thrift store. I rebuilt the chaise first, so I put a lot of myself into that piece.

4. What is your favorite season/holiday to decorate for?
I love Christmas. I have been collecting ornaments since I was 18, so we have a lot of them. I love hanging the stockings and decking the halls.

5. Favorite quote?
The smallest thing, done in love, becomes infinite in the eyes of God. – Mother Teresa

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Click Here to Checkout Studio Cherie Patterns!