10 Essentials to Make Every New Mom Feel Like a Queen

by YCMT on October 9, 2013

So, you’re having a baby. Congratulations! Perhaps you’re wondering what the heck you’ll need to buy for your baby? So many products are on the market! (Read insightful suggestions about things you actually do and don’t need for your newborn). While you’re busy making your list, let’s not forget that an equally important part of caring for your new bundle of joy is taking care of yourself! Here are 10 items to help you prepare for practicing self-care:

1. Nursing Bra and Pads

These are invaluable for breastfeeding mothers. Nursing bras make for quick, easy access to feeding your baby. Try one by Bravado. Pads, like these from Lansinoh, keep milk from leaking through your clothes.

2. Nursing Pillow

If you’re nursing, support yourself with a Boppy or some other nursing pillow.

3. Frozen Tea-Soaked Sanitary Pads

To help heal “down there” after giving birth, prepare ahead of time by using this simple natural method: Homemade postpartum pads.

4. Cute Pajamas and Comfortable Outfits

You need not feel bad about not fitting into your pre-pregnancy jeans right after delivery. Be kind to yourself. Stock up on comfortably stylish PJs, loungewear or loose-fitting dresses to wear to the hospital and in the weeks afterward so you feel cute while you wait for your body to feel “normal” again.

5. Girdle or Velcro Tummy Binder

This works wonders to help bring in your tummy without effort. Try Underworks’ or Bellefit.

6. Big Inflatable Exercise Ball

Sit on the ball and rock your baby while tightening your abs! Since strenuous workouts aren’t a safe option for 6 or more weeks postpartum (consult your doctor for specifics about you), this is a great alternative to exercise while being gentle on your recovering body. Check out this ball by GoFit.

7. Meals in the Freezer

Sleep-deprived and exhausted, you’ll want to cook as little as possible. Here are some easy dinners you can prep ahead of time, freeze and throw in the oven when you can barely keep your eyes open (which may be often.) Try to make at least one week’s worth up to as much as your freezer will hold.

8. Water Bottle

Drink up! Hydration is paramount, especially if you’re nursing. Get a bottle you can refill over and over. Here are some neat options as listed by Real Simple.

9. Reading Material for Nursing

Load up your Kindle with e-books or hit up your local bookstore for a few captivating novels. Here’s a list of recommended reads for new moms. Subscribe to your favorite magazine. Keep your laptop (and charger) handy, browser “bookmarked” with your favorite blogs.

10. Pedicure and Fresh Haircut and Color

This makes anyone feel good! Treat yourself to a spa day before you have the baby so you feel pampered and beautiful. It may be a while before you get another chance to do so after your little one arrives!